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Apache Hadoop on the Open Cloud

Nirmal Ranganathan (Rackspace Hosting), David Dobbins (Rackspace Hosting)
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Among the advantages of cloud computing are faster access to compute and storage resources and utility pricing. As a user, you have numerous options for general-purpose servers in the cloud but for Hadoop™, your options are far more limited. In addition to benefits there may be some key considerations to be mindful of when approaching a Hadoop™ environment in the cloud. We’ll discuss some of the use cases for when a virtual Hadoop™ cluster makes sense and share some of our experiences and some of the decisions that drove the product design of Rackspace Cloud Big Data; an upcoming HDP as a service offering from Rackspace Hosting. Built on the Openstack™ framework; Rackspace Cloud Big Data is an enterprise grade Hortonworks distribution that can be provisioned in minutes and offers a full toolset and feature selection common in the HDP distribution. The offering addressed many of the caveats to architecting Hadoop™ on Openstack™ and addressed serving these instances to a large audience at scale. Speaking will be the chief developers of the platform Nirmal Ranganathan and David Dobbins.

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Nirmal Ranganathan

Rackspace Hosting

Nirmal Ranganathan is a Senior Developer at Rackspace and currently working on a Hadoop as a Service offering built on top of Openstack. Nirmal was one of the founding members of Trove (Openstack’s Database as a Service) and has served as a core contributor of Cinder Block Storage Service and is a contributor to various Openstack initiatives. In addition, he is a prime contributor to Apache Cassandra and Apache Thrift. Nirmal also helps manage, scale, and design Rackspace’s internal Apache Hadoop and Apache Cassandra clusters.

Photo of David Dobbins

David Dobbins

Rackspace Hosting

David is a seasoned professional with areas of expertise in development and platform design spanning 25 years. Previous roles included CTO at Apex Software and Dado Technologies. Currently David is managing the product development for Rackspace Cloud Big Data, a HDP based cloud service focused on delivering Hadoop based instances through the Openstack platform. Specific areas of focus in his current role include process management, technical architecture, and software development.

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Nirmal Ranganathan
10/31/2013 7:22am EDT

Marek the slides have been added now.

Marek Kolodziej
10/30/2013 8:29pm EDT

Would it be possible to post the slides here, like the other speakers have?


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