11-3 November 2013 London, England

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Richard Zaresbki commented on Spark and Shark: High-Speed Analytics over Hadoop and Hive Data
ignore my comment! antivirus problem. works now! cheers

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Richard Zaresbki commented on Scaling by Cheating: Approximation, Sampling and Fault-friendliness for Scalable Big Learning
hi there, would it be possible to upload the slides again? they download but throw and error when trying to open. Regards Rich.

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In a crowded market place of "big data" conferences, Strata has firmly established itself as the place where you go to meet people who think and do data science.
— Strata attendee

Make Data Work for You
5 Top Things to Do at Strata:

  1. Tap into the collective intelligence of top data experts who gather to learn and share their expertise. The inspiration and insights you'll take away from them will be invaluable.

    “There were all the techie bits to delight the geek heart but apart from that there were plenty of presentations on topics and products that were just amazing and eye opening.” –2012 attendee

  2. Master tools, technologies, and techniques that matter. List your biggest data challenges and compare them to the Strata program. Odds are, the solutions await you.

    “A great way to get a survey of the scene and drill down to a few more in-depth areas too.”

  3. See what works in data (and what doesn't). Roll up your sleeves and move past the hype. Get proven best practices and detailed case studies of successful data projects that you can reverse-engineer.

    “It was interesting to hear the war stories.”

  4. Connect and collaborate. Strata is a great opportunity to build your network and meet people across a wide swath of industries who share the same data challenges that you face. The next time you wonder, "who do I know who can answer this?" you'll have the answer.

    “A group of like-minded interested people come together and enjoy deep and meaningful conversations about the industry.”

  5. Plot your course forward. Strata is not just about what's out there now. It's also about future proofing—creating a successful data plan and architecture for today and the future. See the newest developments, latest tools, and emerging technologies. You'll leave with the knowledge of how to make the most of the new opportunities in data.

    “There was a palpable sense of excitement in the air.”

The future belongs to those who understand how to collect and use their big data successfully.
And that future happens at Strata.