Who is Fake? Discover Astroturfing or Attempts of Fake Influence!

Lutz Finger (Fisheye Analytics)
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Data mining is used more and more by communication professionals to measure brand position or the so-called “public opinion”. The more common those measurements are the more likely are attempts to skew the measurement. Those efforts are often called “astroturfing” and might lead to wrong decisions by businesses and politicians. The objective of this talk is to show ways to detect those attempts of fake influence.

The talk will introduce methods such as “social reaction curves” or “network topologies” which can be used to analyze the public discussion in online and offline media. Those measurements can help to distinguish between fake and real attempts of influence. Examples of attempts to influence will be shown ranging from the woman2drive campaign in Saudi Arabia to the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

In a special case study about the London 2012 Olympics, Lutz Finger and Prof. Soumitra Dutta will show which sport, which athlete or which media type were dominating the 2012 Olympics. They will show that traditional ways of doing media analytics might be misleading marketers and sponsors.

As outlook the speaker will discuss recent advancements in automated communications algorithms such as chat bots or facebook bots. Those are becoming more sophisticated and thus harder to spot.

Photo of Lutz Finger

Lutz Finger

Fisheye Analytics

Lutz is a Big Data Guy, Entrepreneur and Quantum Physicist. He has co-founded and lead Fisheye Analytics, a media data mining company. As expert for data analytics he has supported various industries, from Brands such as Telefonica or the Daily Mail Group to the governments and NGO ’s such as the World Economic Forum and the Olympic Committee .

His book COMPETING ON DATA will be published in Summer 2013 by O’Reilly Media.

Lutz has a Masters in Quantum Physics and an MBA from INSEAD.


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